Fujisawa Shiho "After Hours E.P.01" (12")

A first 12" EP of songs from Fujisawa Shiho's excellent "Happy Hour" album is available now! It contains different cuts of two songs from the album, plus brand new remixes by Yoshida Tetsuto (Readymade) and also Iwaya Shigeru of Groovy Sauce fame. A follow-up EP should be expected soon.

FUJISAWA Shiho "After Hours E.P.01" EP01Fujisawa Shiho "After Hours E.P.01" (12")
藤澤志保 「After Hours E.P.01」

A1. Happy Hour feat. hiro:n (After Hours Mix)
A2. Happy Hour feat. hiro:n (Back To The 80's Mix) (Remixed by Yoshida Tetsuto)
B1. Sunny Days feat. Okada Kyōko (After Hours Mix)
B2. Sunny Days feat. Okada Kyōko (Shiny Dayz Mix) (Remixed by Shigeru Iwaya)

Eat Records ER-0008
Out now (8/21), ¥1280 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

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