Fredo "Remack!"

Second Royal artist Fredo has a remix album coming up before the end of the year. Remixers will include Handsomeboy Technique, Fran-key, Temple (aka Nishidera Gota of Nona Reeves), and also foreign electro-house artists Linus Loves, Waldorf, Flat Pack and Flairs, for a total of 8 expected tracks.

Fredo "Remack!"

Fredo "Remack!"1. Apprhythm (7500zRemix) (Remix by Flairs)
2. Just One Featuring Bastian (Linus Lover Remix) (Remix by Linus Loves)
3. Freaky! (Freaks Will Rule The Welt In 60 Years Remix) (Remix by Waldolf)
4. Grande
5. Grand Slam (Temple's Singer, Song Writing & Remix) (Remix by Temple aka Nishidera Gota from Nona Reeves)
6. Just One feat. Bastian (Fran-Key's Drivin Lover Mix) (Remix by Fran-Key)
7. Three Center (Flat Pack Remix) (Remix by Flat Pack)
8. Teenage Monster feat. Helena Josefson (Hansomeboy Technique Remix) (Remix by Hansomeboy Technique)

Second Royal SRCDS-013
Out 12/27, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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