Fantastic Plastic Machine "FPMB ; Fantastic Plastic Machine Best"

Fantastic Plastic Machine, a definite leader of Japan's club scene, has a 2-CD greatest hits album coming up soon! Aside all those songs we already love, it looks like we will get a few previously unreleased songs and new versions. Surely a must for all fans, old and new.

The artwork will be done by Groovisions, and feature a yet-to-be-unveiled new character by Kuntzel+ Deygas named Neko. The limited edition will contain a sticker.

Fantastic Plastic Machine "FPMB ; Fantastic Plastic Machine Best"

Fantastic Plastic Machine "Best"Gold Side
1. Why Not? feat. Yamamoto Ryōhei
2. City Lights feat. Seth Timbs (Fluid Ounces)
3. Never Ever (Extra Vocal Mix) feat. Takamiya Maki
4. Paparuwa
5. One Minute of Love
6. Different Colors
7. Fanfare feat. Tahiti 80
8. You
9. Don't You Know? feat. Clazziquai Project
10. Whistle Song
11. Tell Me (Bossa Version)
12. I'm Still A Simple Man (Performed by Hirth Martinez)
13. God Save the Mona Lisa (Performed by Roberto Menescal & Carlos Lyra)
14. subete o yurashite (On A Chair) feat. Kahimi Karie
15. Why Not? (Tomita Lab Remix)
16. Strings in Heaven

Black Side
1. Beautiful Days feat. Nakano Yoshie (Ego-Wrappin') & Heaven L. Clayborne
2. Reaching for the Stars feat. Incognito
3. Tell Me feat. Benjamin Diamond
4. Spectacular feat. Verbal (m-flo)
5. Dance Dance Dance Dance feat. Su (Rip Slyme)
6. Paragon
7. A World without Love feat. Bonnie Pink
8. Days And Days feat. Coralie Clement
9. Todos Os Desejos ~yokubō~ feat. Clara Moreno
10. Love Is Psychedelic (Full Spoken Mix) Remixed by Bob Sinclar
11. Euphoria (Mondo Grosso Re-mix Radio Edit)
12. Reaching for the Stars (Masters At Work Remix Radio Edit)
13. Never Ever (Performed by PE'Z)
14. Submission

Avex AVCD-23155/6
Out 2007/2/7, ¥3300
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower, Amazon U.S., Fantastic Plastic Machine - FPMB

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Only songs from his 'house era'... it would have been nice to see songs from the FMP and Luxury here...

Posted by Damian on

Indeed, but I think it's a label thing. His first two albums were on Readymade while the rest is on Avex.

Don't forget about "Les plus" ( and "FPM In The Mix" ( which both take good care of FPM's early catalog.

Posted by Patrick on

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