Fabio Nobile "Always Love"

Italian jazz drummer and composer Fabio Nobile (MySpace) is not unknown of the Japanese club-jazz scene. He's previously been remixed by Fukutomi Yukihiro (see "The Transformer") and Sunaga t Experience (see "Jazz Allnighters No.8").

This Japan release of his first album contains 2 bonus remixes, one by Sunaga Tatsuo.

Fabio Nobile "Always Love"
(Early title: "Back With You")

Fabio Nobile "Always Love" (Early title "Back With You")1. San Diego
2. Always Love
3. Back With You
4. Didn't You Know
5. D'improvviso
6. O Samba
7. To Do Mi Amor
8. Zozoi
9. Day What A Day
10. Fly To The Moon
11. Love Is Gone
12. Always Love (Sunaga t Experience remix) (Bonus Track)
13. Didn't You Know (Gerardo Frisina remix) (Bonus Track)

Commodo CMD-33104
Out 5/29, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Amazon, HMV

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