Fantastic Plastic Machine has officially changed his artist name to FPM! Plus, this new album being self-titled has to show how much this release means to him. This 6th album comes exactly 4 years after "Imaginations".

Featured artists include Monkey Majik, who sing lead track "Without You", as well as Benjamin Diamond and more. A few songs have been heard before in his recent collaborations with Uniqlo and Louis Vuitton + Murakami Takashi.

The artwork by Groovisions is FPM's new logo of his ear. The CD's first pressing comes in a colored printed case, as have his other recent releases. HMV and Tower Records offer a promo sticker.

All songs can be sampled at FPM's official site.


1. If you do, I do (Pomp and Circumstance)
2. Without You
3. I Think
4. Hey Ladies
5. Can't You Feel It?
6. Forever Mine
7. Madness
8. Sex
9. Alphabet
10. Telephone & Whiskey
11. No Matter What Others Say
12. Ai No Yume

avex trax AVCD-23966
Out 12/23, ¥2858 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, FPM - FPM

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the run of instrumentals halfway through the record is killer, one of my favorite albums of the year

you have a really nice blog by the way :)

Posted by AxemRangers on

Thank you! :)

Posted by Patrick on

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