Emerson Kitamura "Madokara / Ame No Saka No Ashimoto" (Download)

Keyboardist Emerson Kitamura has released two new songs digitally! Check them out on iTunes, Spotify, etc. Also don't miss his delightful latest mini-album "Rock'n Roll No Hajimari Ha".

Emerson Kitamura will play at Rising Sun Festival 2017 in Hokkaido this weekend. Otherwise his solo show can next be seen in Tokyo on August 22 at Kunitachi Fukusuke, and on September 18 at Ekoda Marquee. His full schedule can be found here.

Emerson Kitamura "Madokara / Ame No Saka No Ashimoto" (Download)
エマーソン北村 「窓から / 雨の坂の足許」

1. Madokara
2. Ame No Saka No Ashimoto

Out now (8/2)
Sample/buy: エマーソン北村「窓から / 雨の坂の足許 - Single」を Apple Music で, Spotify

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