Elektel "Bit Stream Lounge"

Elektel has a second album on the way on Astro Note Records, and will feature a lot of guests: cokeshi, Takami Yūko (ex. suitcase rhodes), Kaori (from dahlia), Saeki Kenzō (Pearl Brothers), Tomoko (from Jellyfish), Inomata Lie, Magnaroid (from Magma), Tsukada Michio, Lovender Don, Mamico (pianetta), Piet Van Tieghem and more...

There will be a free (you must pay for 1 drink) pre-release live show at Daikanyama Saloon (Unit B3F) on 2/16. The show starts at 20:00.

Elektel "Bit Stream Lounge"

Elektel "Bit Stream Lounge"1. I love Pod
2. Panoramic View of Jazz (feat. cokeshi)
3. integrale (feat. Takami Yūko & Saeki Kenzō (lyrics))
4. Premium do Brasil (feat. Tomoko + Rie Brasileira)
5. Desktop Music Adventure (feat. Magnaroid & sakura)
6. jewelie (tales of star children) (feat. dahlia & Tsukada Michio)
7. Planet Airways STARSPEEDER3000 (feat. mamico (pianetta))
8. Girl From Ipanema (feat. cokeshi)
9. Space Cookin Renderd
10. Xanadu (feat. Lady Vita)
11. Bit Stream Lounge's Theme (feat. don (guitar) & Piet Van Teighem+Emma)
12. Panoramic View of Jazz (Ursula 1000 Remix)

Astro Note Records NPPX-85
Out 3/23, ¥2381 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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