Dorusen from TPD "sensei no okiniiri"

Here's a brand new catchy rocking pop track written and produced by Konishi Yasuharu! Dorusen from TPD, a sub-unit of idol group Tokyo Performance Doll, sings the ending theme of school-themed drama series "Debusen". The title translates to "the teacher's favorite". Check out the video below! The B-side is a megamix of TPD songs.

The first pressing includes a random alternate jacket from a total of 10 versions.

Dorusen from TPD "sensei no okiniiri"
どるせん from TPD 「センセイのお気に入り」

1. sensei no okiniiri
2. TPD no okiniiri ♡ Megamix by DJ Kazu
3. sensei no okiniiri (Karaoke)

Epic/Sony ESCL-4708
Out 9/21, ¥1111 (excl. tax)
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"sensei no okiniiri"

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Thank you! Always great to hear new Konishi stuff!

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