Desmond & The Tutus "Desmond & The Tutus EP" (12")

South African band Desmond & The Tutus (MySpace) has got a remix 12" EP released in Japan. Featured are remixes by Cubismo Grafico, Love and Hates (HNC side-project) and 80kidz.

Desmond & The Tutus "Desmond & The Tutus EP" (12")

1. Kiss You On The Cheek (80kidz Remix)
2. Old Girls (Cubismo Grafico Mix)
3. Peter (a&na Mix)
4. Peter (Love and Hates Remix)

Flake Sounds FLAKES-020
Out now (2/25), ¥
Order: Jet Set

Find out more about: 80kidz, Cubismo Grafico, HNC, Love and Hates

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