Denki Groove "Yellow"

It's only been half a year since the release of album "J-POP", and Denki Groove are back with another brand new album!

The limited edition contains a bonus DVD with 30 minutes from the live show they performed at Liquid Room for the release of "J-POP"!

Audio samples on official release page

Denki Groove "Yellow"

Denki Groove "Yellow"1. Mojo (CM mix)
2. No.3
3. Sanpunmaru No Uta (Album mix)
4. Mole ~ Confession of Mole Man
5. Dondake the Giant
6. Acid House All Night Long
7. A. Ki. Me. Fu. Ra. I.
8. The Words
9. Sh┼Źnan Acid (Album Edit)
10. Area Arena
11. Fake It!

Limited edition (CD+DVD)
Ki/oon KSCL-1294/5
Out 10/15, ¥3360
Order: Amazon (19% off on pre-orders), HMV (10% off on pre-orders), Tower, YesAsia, Amazon U.S.

Regular edition (CD only)
Ki/oon KSCL-1296
Out 10/15, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S.

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Wow! Having been 8 years between their last two, its nice to see them knocking 'em out at this pace! Can't wait!!

Posted by nick on

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