Denki Groove "Live at Fuji Rock Festival '06" (DVD)

While we're impatiently waiting for a new album, which has been said many times to be on the way, Denki Groove offers us a new live DVD of their show at Fuji Rock last year. The track list is qute different from the 2004-released "2004 Summer ~Live & Clips~", even including a rare live performance of "Shangri-La", and the price is nice too!

Denki Groove "Live at Fuji Rock Festival '06" (DVD)
電気グルーヴ 「Live at Fuji Rock Festival '06」
(59 min. / 16:9 / NTSC / All regions)

Denki Groove "Live at Fuji Rock Festival 06" (DVD) 電気グルーヴ1. N.O.
2. Shangri-La
3. Volcanic Drumbeats
4. kakkoii Jumper
5. Smile-less Smile
6. shinkansen
7. Asunaro Sunshine
8. Reaction
9. Fuji-san
10. niji

Ki/oon KSBL-5850
Out 10/24, ¥2477 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon (10% off *), HMV (21% off *)
* Discount at time of writing

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