Denki Groove "J-POP"

Finally!!! 8 years after previous album "VOXXX", Denki Groove is back with a brand new album! The title is "J-POP"!

There will be a limited edition with a bonus DVD containing the videos for the first two singles "shōnen Young" and "Mononoke Dance".

Until the release, the official web site offers a "Denki Groove Workshop" section where early demos of songs from the album can be heard.

Denki Groove "J-POP"
電気グルーヴ 「J-POP」

Denki Groove "J-POP" 電気グルーヴ1. Kanpeki Ni Nakushite
2. EXPO Hiroshima
3. Zoo Desire
4. Ichigo-Musume
5. Hanbun Ningen Damono
6. Mononoke Dance (Album Mix)
7. Oscillator To Arpeggio
8. Shōnen Young (Album Mix)
9. Super Star
10. ZIZŌ
11. Szczecin
12. Ringing Bells

Limited edition (CD+DVD)
Ki/oon KSCL-1228/9
Out 4/2, ¥3360
Order: Amazon (5% off on pre-orders), HMV, Tower, YesAsia, Amazon U.S.

Regular edition (CD only)
Ki/oon KSCL-1230
Out 4/2, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S.

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There are very few sentences that could make me happier than 'Denki Groove is back with a brand new album!' makes me! Love the title, too.

Posted by Michael on

Yes, same here!! The title is just hilarious, can't wait to hear it. :)

Posted by Patrick on

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