Denki Groove "2004 Summer ~Live & Clips~" (DVD)

It seems like the long awaited Denki Groove DVD (first supposed to be released on September 1st) will finally be coming out! The track list has finally been announced.

The DVD contains live footage from WIRE04 held at the Yokohama Arena on 2004/7/17 (tracks 1-6) and Rising Sun Rock Festival 2004 in Ezo held on 2004/8/14 (tracks 7-14), and also two (three?) new video clips including a brand new song.

A trailer is now available at Click the "wmp56K" button on the home page (you need Windows Media Player).
(I don't recommend wasting your time with the "wmp500K (Morrich)" button.)

Denki Groove "2004 Summer ~Live & Clips~" (DVD Region 2 Japan/Europe)
電気グルーヴ 「ニセンヨンサマー ~LIVE & CLIPS~」

Track list (To be confirmed)
Denki Groove "2004 Summer ~Live & Clips~"1. Intro ~ Garigari-kun
2. dare da!
4. niji
5. denki biribiri
6. Fuji-san
7. Intro ~ Garigari-kun
8. Nothing's Gonna Change
9. dare da!
11. niji
12. I Only Wanna Be With You (futari dake no DATE)
13. denki biribiri
14. Fuji-san
15. Cafe de oni (kao to kagaku) (Video clip)
16. hikenai Guitar o hikun daze (Video clip)
17. Mr. Empty (Video clip)

Ki/oon KSBL-5793
Out 12/22, ¥3800 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon (pre-orders 20% off!)

Thanks to Mark at New Music Machine for keeping track of this one since the first early announcements!

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