De De Mouse "via alpha centauri" (Download)

Dé Dé Mouse has a brand new EP being released digitally! This is the follow-up to "dream you up" (April 2017). "via alpha centauri" takes inspiration from the "Centaur festival" which appears in classic Japanese fantasy novel "Night on the Galactic Railroad". The album has sounds of future house, tropical house, synth-wave, etc., always keeping a BPM of 105.

A special show will be held on release day September 15 at the small hall of Pathenon Tama, in Tama city, Tokyo. The performance will have surround sound, and it will be held in a room with almost all lights off. Also, at the end of September Dé Dé Mouse will tour 5 cities of China for the first time. Check out his full schedule here.

DÉ DÉ MOUSE "via alpha centauri" (Download)

1. festa de centauri
2. wanna dance
3. rigil
4. otters for fete
5. star gazer

not records
Out 9/15
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"festa de centauri"

Teaser mix

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