Cypress Ueno & Roberto Yoshino "Condor"

Rapper duo Cypress Ueno & Roberto Yoshino have a new album out now! The album features guests such as Bose (Scha Dara Parr) and Zen-La-Rock among others. Various producers participated, with one track produced by Halfby.

HMV gives away a promo CD (while supplies last).

A release party will be held at Club Lizard Yokohama on Sunday April 26.

Cypress Ueno & Roberto Yoshino "Condor"
サイプレス上野とロベルト吉野 「コンドル」

1. Intro
2. Dream Anthem (Pro. Dream Tractors <Cypress Ueno & BEAT Takeshi>)
3. Be A Man feat. Bose (Pro. BACHLOGIC)
4. ogyaa (Pro. DJ NAOtheLAIZA)
6. yatteyarutte (Pro. Lil'Yukichi)
7. Hoppin! (Pro. LEF!!!CREW!!!)
8. Okinawa (Pro. MR.BEATS a.k.a. DJ CELORY)
9. mazeru na kiken, mazete ikeike feat. Nazo Micchan (Pro. Dream Tractors <Cypress Ueno & BEAT Takeshi>)
10. 2 THE MAX feat. ZEN-LA-ROCK (Pro. HALFBY)
11. RUN AND GUN feat. LEON a.k.a. Shishi, DOLLARBILL (Pro. DJBA)

felicity PECF-1120
Out now (4/1), ¥2700 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , Condor by Cypress Ueno To Robert Yoshino (World), サイプレス上野とロベルト吉野 "コンドル" (Japan)
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"Dream Anthem"


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