Cutie Pai "oningyō to mahō no Restaurant"

Techno-pop idol unit Cutie Pai (MySpace) has a 2nd album out now, with the theme of a full course at a restaurant. The title translates to "The dolls and the magical restaurant". Featured "dolls" are Mayu-chan, eye-taso (aka Julie Watai), Kaori★n、Suzy, Candy, and Kiwa-saso. Elektel's polymoog has arranged the song "Yellow". The album is currently only available at Amazon and at Cutie Pai's live shows.

Check out the video below, and also more audio samples at MySpace.

Cutie Pai "oningyō to mahō no Restaurant"
Cutie Pai 「 お人形と魔法のレストラン」

1. Open
2. Techno*Doll
3. tururun Telephone
4. SA
5. Spica
6. PlaMoGa
7. Desktop my Girl
8. Yellow
10. Propeller
11. eve
12. Close

Cutie Pai Records CTPR-1001
Out now (12/22), ¥1905 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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