Cutemen "Exhibition Of Love & Desire"

Cutemen, the techno unit of CMJK (early Denki Groove) and singer Picorin, has a new album being released! This is the follow-up to "Humanity" (2016) which marked their 25th anniversary.

This new album's limited edition comes with a bonus disc of remixes of 10 tracks from previous album "Humanity", by the likes of Ishino Takkyu (Denki Groove), Fukutomi Yukihiro, Sawasaki Yukihiro, Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund, Hondalady and more. Three of the remixes were previously released digitally with the title "ReHumanity Vol.1".

A show will be held on Saturday November 4 at Shibuya Star Lounge. Tickets go on sale September 16. Details here.

Cutemen "Exhibition Of Love & Desire"

1. Love From Different Dimension
2. M.O.T.S.U
3. Sympathizer
4. Forever
5. Good Vibrations
6. Cucumber
7. It's Not Love
8. Heat Of Love
9. Hurt Me
10. Contact

Limited edition bonus remix CD (Limited edition only)
1. Get Ready (For The Childhood's End) (MOP of HEAD Remix)
2. Celebration (Yoshihiro Sawasaki Remix)
3. Born To Love You (CMJK Remix)
4. shūmatsu tokei (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix)
5. Get Ready (For The Humanity's End) (Takkyu Ishino Remix)
6. Gasoline Car (HONDALADY Remix)
8. Mind Wandering (Sigh Society Remix)
9. The Light (KING of OPUS Remix)
10. Sayonara (TAICHI MASTER Remix)

Limited edition (2 CDs)
Out 9/6, ¥3500 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower (Japan only), CDJapan, YesAsia

Regular edition (main CD only)
Out 9/6, ¥3000 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower (Japan only), CDJapan, YesAsia

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