Cover Lover Project "seishun Dance ~ The Best of Bossa Covers"

The "cover lover" series, that's been going on ever since the fun "Vol.1 ~Bossa de Punk~", is now back with something of interest. This time we're offered a selection of hit J-pop/dance songs performed as acoustic bossa nova. Included are covers of Denki Groove ("Shangri-La"), Scha Dara Parr ("konya wa Boogie Back"), Matsudaira Ken ("Matsuken Samba II"), East End X Yuri ("DA-YO-NE"), Yuki ("Joy"), Pink Lady ("UFO") and more.

Official release page with audio samples

Cover Lover Project "seishun Dance ~ The Best of Bossa Covers"
Cover Lover Project 「青春ダンス The Best of Bossa Covers」

Cover Lover Project 「seishun dance 青春ダンス The Best of Bossa Covers」1. konya wa Boogie Back (Ozawa Kenji & Scha Dara Parr)
2. Joy (Yuki)
3. survival dAnce ~no no cry more~ (trf)
4. UFO (Pink Lady)
5. Matsuken Samba II (Matsudaira Ken)
6. tsutsumikomu yō ni (Misia)
7. Departures (globe)
8. Choo Choo Train (Zoo)
9. DA-YO-NE (East End X Yuri)
10. Timing (Black Biscuits)
11. Shangri-La (Denki Groove)
12. Wow War Tonight ~toki ni wa okose yo Movement~ (H jungle with t)

Artimage XNAR-10008
Out 3/19, ¥2191 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S.

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