Conny "dai suki Rodriguez"

Looks like I had missed a good one earlier this year. This Conny single was produced by Yokoyama Ken and features Crazy Ken Band, and also Comoesta Yaegashi. "namida no Italian Twist" is a song that also appeared on Crazy Ken Band's album "777".

Conny debuted in 1977 as part of the rock'n'roll band The Venus, and has released at least 8 albums since (with the band or solo).
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Conny "dai suki Rodquiguez"Conny "dai suki Rodriguez"
コニー 「大好きロドリゲス」

Track list
1. dai suki Rodriguez
2. namida no Italian Twist
3. n- Conny-chan
4. dai suki Rodriguez (karaoke)
5. namida no Italian Twist (karaoke)

Substance BSCL-35017
Out 6/23, ¥1000 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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