Clazziquai Project "Instant Pig"

Korean club pop unit Clazziquai Project's 2004 first album "Instant Pig" is being released in Japan this month, including two bonus English versions.
They will also appear on m-flo's upcoming remix album "Dope Space Nine" out in November.

Clazziquai Project can be caught live in Tokyo on October 7, as they will perform at FPM's regular event Grand Tourismo held at Nishi-Azabu Yellow. Details at FPM's official site.

Many thanks to reader Kate for introducing me to this great band a while ago!

Clazziquai Project "Instant Pig"

Clazziquai Project "Instant Pig"1. You Never Know
2. Come To Me
3. Futuristic
4. After Love
5. Novabossa
6. Sweety
7. Stepping Out
8. Tattoo
9. I Will Never Cry
10. Gentle Rain
11. After Love (Extra Remix)
12. Flower
13. Play Girl
14. My Life (Boom Remix)
15. Cat Bossa
16. Sweety (English Version)
17. Come To Me (English Version)

Avex Trax AVCD-17729
Out 9/28, ¥2427 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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great album. 2nd album (color your soul) is even hotter!

Posted by dave on

I'll try to check it out! Thanks!

Posted by Patrick on

i LovE tHe sOngS of cLazziqUaI prOjeCt!! EspeCiallY, "cOme To mE"..
bUt sOme of iTs gRamMar wAs wrOng,
hOweVer, i EnJoY evEry rhYthm.......

i wish I cAn bUy tHeiR CD...
i rEaLLy hOpe I cAn hAve OnE!!!

if anYone CaN givE me,
of cOurse, i' LL aCcepT It...
I'll bE sO gRatefuL..........
if OnlY... If onLy...

Posted by aLix rOxAnNe on

You can buy Clazziquai's Korean releases for cheap at Yes Asia.

Posted by Patrick on

May I know what really is the nationality of this group.I really love clazziquai but never knew where they came from.
Anyone any info

Posted by Merrill on

As written in my entry, they're Korean.

Posted by Patrick on

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