Cityboys "20th Century Cityboys" (2CD)

Almost missed this one... This is a 2CD selection of songs from various City Boys soundtracks from 1992 until 2000 (covering at least "Toilet Without Key", "i messaggeri degli imbecilli vanno all'ovest", "Love's Rubber Brain", "Building on a Strong Foundation", "Not Found" and "L'inconscience de l'été", "Ultra rashioshiohaimina-ru").
About half of the songs are produced by Konishi Yasuharu, while other artists include Tei Towa, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Nomiya Maki, Louis Philippe, and Kaneko Takahiro. A must for anyone who doesn't have all of City Boys' soundtracks. :)

City Boys have a new play coming up in April-May, titled "Mental 3kyōdai no koi".

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Cityboys "20th Century Cityboys" (2CD)
シティボーイズ 「20世紀のシティボーイズ」

City Boys "20th Century City Boys"Disc 1
1. kagirinai Toilet (The Vibraphone Theme) / Konishi Yasuharu
2. kagi no nai Toilet (Toilet Without Key Theme) / Konishi Yasuharu
3. Ronde (La Ronde) / Konishi Yasuharu
4. Mexican R&B (Mexican R&B) /Konishi Yasuharu
5. gusha no daibensha, nishi e Main Theme (Tema Principale) / Konishi Yasuharu
6. shigeru ai no Present (From Shigeru With Love) / Konishi Yasuharu
7. koibitotachi no gomu nou (Lover's Rubber Brain) / Saiki Shigeru
8. ukkari higashi e Opening Theme (Opening Theme) (Fantastic Plastic Machine Remix) / Konishi Yasuharu
9. Kiki no Theme (Theme for Kiki) / Fantastic Plastic Machine
10. 16 Blues o utau onna (Lady Songs the 16 Blues) / Konishi Yasuharu feat. Mizumori Ado
11. nagisa Hotel (Seaside Hotel) / Konishi Yasuharu
12. yoru no okusama gekijō (Midnight TV Theatre) / Konishi Yasuharu
13. jōbu na Samba (Samba on a Strong Foundation) / Konishi Yasuharu
14. Bonjour Baby / Sweet Robots Against The Machine Feat. Sylvia Kristel
15. shōtotsu to sokkyō *
16. Clouds Across The Moon '97 / Rah Band
17. L' Arcangero *
18. Little By Little / Louis Philippe
19. chimimōryō / mugen jigoku (Ōtake Makoto, Kitarō, Nakamura Yūji, Itō Seikō)
20. Not Found *
21. Confine d'Amore [Bossa Nova] *

Disc 2
1. tsuburana hitomi de Let's Go! / Saiki Shigeru
2. keiji Electric Soulman no Theme / Kaneko Takahiro
3. Boys March / Kaneko Takahiro
4. Pooh-san no Theme (Second Line Horn) / Kaneko Takahiro
5. Chase Jazz / Kaneko Takahiro
6. susume! shinkūhōkokukan / Kaneko Takahiro
7. natsu e no muishiki (Blues Version) / Konishi Yasuharu
8. tengu no Blues / Konishi Yasuharu
9. manatsu no hiru no yume / Konishi Yasuharu
10. Hip Lady / Kaneko Takahiro
11. gusha no daibensha (Jazz Version) / Konishi Yasuharu
12. natsu no omoide / Louis Philippe
13. natsu e no muishiki / Konishi Yasuharu
14. dakishimetai
15. Ultra rashioshiohaimina-ru / Louis Philippe feat. Nomiya Maki
16. Call Me Romanista / SPLENDID !
17. ushiro muki nenbutsu dai388 / City Boys + Honda Hisanari
18. Do What You Do / SPLENDID !
19. mizu no uta / Louis Philippe feat. Nomiya Maki
20. Spiceboy / Louis Philippe
21. Your American Songs / Louis Philippe

P.S.C MTCD-5004
Out 3/9, ¥3334 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, Amazon U.S.

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Do you know who the 'asterisk' songs are credited to?
I've got a photo of the other end of the asterisk in the linked tweet, but unfortunately I don't know Japanese...

Posted by RavenWorks on

It says:

* Italian sessions.
From "Not Found" (1997).
All uncredited songs are by KONISHI Yasuharu.


Posted by Patrick on

Ah, great, thank you! :D

I wonder if that third line is meant to apply to everything, and not just the asterisked tracks?

Actually, I noticed you credited some of the unlabeled tracks to him and some to Kaneko Takahiro, is that something you knew from other albums they'd appeared on or something? And is there any chance you'd know who to credit for 'dakishimetai'?

(I'm trying to get everything attributed properly on MusicBrainz, for the record! )

Thanks for your help!

Posted by RavenWorks on

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