Chupi*Chupi "I.P.999"

The latest from Orange Records is a new techno-pop idol unit from Osaka called Chupi*Chupi. Nothing more to say, check out audio samples at Orange Records' MySpace, and also the live YouTube clip below.

This album features a narration appearance by Hozan Munemyōō (ex-Modern Choki Chokies) and a remix by Groove Unchant. A track was featured on the recent mix CD by Groove Unchant, "A Mature Hour".

Chupi*Chupi "I.P.999"

1. Altair dai4 wakusei no gyakushū (Revenge of the Altair 4)
2. haikei, Risa-chan
3. yume wa Chupi*Chupi
4. futari no Bossa Nova
5. souda, chikyū wa mawatteirunda!
6. minnai Love Love Highway
7. Let's Go ~ikeike Beam~
8. kyukyukyun!
9. yume wa Chupi*Chupi (oni soto fuku uchi Mix) (Remixed by Groove Unchant)
10. Altair dai4 wakusei no gyakushū (otaku Remix) (Remixed by Taku Hachirō (DJ Mekayakuza)
11. tokimeki Tonight

Orange Records ORGR-033
Out now (3/25), ¥1900 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV

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