Chiroline ver.2 "Chit Chat Chiroline"

Chiroline (reads -lyn) was a girl techno-pop unit that was produced by Okada Tohru (CTO LAB., ex-Moonriders) in the mid-to-late-80's. This year sees the formation of a group of 4 new girls borrowing the same name, again produced by the same man. Included in this first album are 6 self-covers, plus 5 brand new songs. Contributing to the song-writing and music are members of CTO LAB. and Urbangarde, among others. In a direction similar to CTO LAB., the girls are said to like gadgets and small instruments, as can be seen in the fun video below, directed by The Aprils' Nakama Hirohisa.

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Chiroline ver.2 "Chit Chat Chiroline"
新・チロリン 「おしゃべりチロリン」

Japanese title: shin Chirorine "oshaberi Chiroline"

1. konna ja dame kamisama
2. tochū ni shite ne
3. Chocolate sensō
4. MIRA to osanpo
5. (Chiroline no) hoshi ni negai o
6. B-612 ni koi o shite
7. namida wa shōjo no buki
8. Post! Post! Post!
9. Please
10. uwa no sora mitsuketa
11. hashiru hito

Valb VALB-1002
Out 8/8, ¥2381 (excl. tax)
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"tochu ni shite ne (short edit)"

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