Calmera "1000nichimae High Colors"

Osaka-based instrumental jazz-rock band Calmera has a 4th album out now on Orange Records! Included are 2 remixes, one by Groove Unchant. Also, the first limited pressing comes with a bonus DVD of a show held in Osaka on February 10, 2012 (11 songs).

Calmera "1000nichimae High Colors"
カルメラ 「千日前HIGH COLORS」

1. an open door -introduction-
2. inu, nigeta.
3. Persepolis
4. Marlowe
5. Yo! SKB -interlude-
6. Mitsudera bojō
7. Moon Beach
8. Marlowe -GROOVE UNCHANT Dancing Is Not a Crime MIX-
9. Moon Beach -SHOTARO HATTORI nagisa no Cassette MIX-

Orange Records ORGR-41
Out now (8/29), ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

Album trailer

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