C-C-B "Romantic wa tomerarenai"

80's band C-C-B, most famous for their hit song "Romantic ga tomaranai" (translates to "'Romantic' doesn't stop") and their falsetto voice drummer, is back this year with a new album! This is their first since 1988. It contains a new recording of the title song, plus covers of 80's foreign hits.

"Romantic ga tomaranai" is a song written by Tsutsumi Kyōhei, and a remix by Konishi Yasuharu can be found on the recent "Kyōhei Disco Night". That remix is said to be included on this release as a bonus track (not confirmed).

The album title, "Romantic wa tomerarenai" stands for "Can't stop 'Romantic'".

C-C-B "Romantic wa tomerarenai" C-C-B 「Romanticは止められない」C-C-B "Romantic wa tomerarenai"
C-C-B 「Romanticは止められない」

1. Romantic ga tomaranai (New recording)
2. Ave Maria
3. Teeny Weeny String Bikini
4. Hot Stuff
5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
6. Hero
7. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
8. Venus
9. Happiness
10. Never Ending Story

Bonus track (?)
Romantic ga tomaranai (Konishi Yasuharu remix)

After Time NQCL-1005
Out 4/30, ¥2381 (excl. tax)
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