Buffalo Daughter "Konjac-tion"

Here comes a brand new original album by Buffalo Daughter, follow-up to "The Weapons of Math Destruction" (2010). The new album has a theme of "block party" and comes as a set of 2 CDs, one of the original new songs, and the other of remixes of those new songs. Original songs feature guests such as Kahimi Karie, Sakamoto Shintarō (ex-Yura Yura Teikoku), French rapper Fuzati (Klub des Loosers), and Pismo. Remixers include Sunahara Yoshinori, Cibo Matto, Nagai Seiichi (sōtaiseiriron), Charlotte Kemp Muhl (of Sean Lennon's band The GOASTT) and more.

The album's iTunes edition comes with an exclusive bonus track, "Oy Oy Oy". A remix of the track by electro unit Funwari-chan can be heard on SoundCloud.

Buffalo Daughter can be seen live next weekend at the Fuji Rock Festival (3rd day evening at the Red Marquee stage).

Buffalo Daughter "Konjac-tion"
バッファロー・ドーター 「コニャクション」

Disc 1 "Konjac-tion"
1. Hit-it-go-round : Party is about to begin
2. Le Cheval Blanc feat. Kahimi Karie on voice
3. Golden Leaves feat. Pismo on vocal
4. Calling Out From The World Of Echoes
5. Love & Food feat. Sakamoto Shintarō on vocal
6. Oui Oui
7. The Legend
8. Vicious Circle
9. Bring Back 80's
10. Les Sirenes feat. Fuzati on rap
11. Don't Stop The Music

Disc 2 "Konjac-tion REMIX"
1. Le Cheval Blanc Remixed by Shinnari-chan
2. Calling Out From The World Of Echoes Remixed by VARO
3. Golden Leaves Remixed by Cibo Matto featuring Nels Cline (Wilco) on guitars
4. The Legend Remixed by Charlotte Kemp Muhl of the GOASTT and Jared Samuel of Invisible Familiars
5. Vicious Circle Remixed by Ishihara Yō at Peace Music Tokyo
6. Love & Food Remixed by Nagai Seiichi
7. Bring Back 80's Remixed by Sunahara Yoshinori
8. Les Sirenes (Instrumental)
9. Don't Stop The Music Remixed by Greeen Linez
10. Oui Oui (Demo)

U/M/A/A UMA-1039
Out 7/23, ¥3200 (excl. tax)
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"Love & Food feat. Sakamoto Shintarō"

"Oui Oui"

"[DISC1] Konjac-tion (Preview Mix)"

"[DISC2] Konjac-tion REMIX (Preview Mix)"

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