Bajune Tobeta "Teddy Bear and Password" (CD+DVD), "Space Loungin'" (12")

Producer Bajune Tobeta has a new EP out today! Three vocalists are featured: Nomiya Maki (ex-Pizzicato Five), Bonjour Suzuki (a female singer who debuted earlier this year), and Vivian Sessoms (who has been featured many times on songs by Towa Tei). The CD comes with a DVD of a music video starring model Fujii Sachi.

At the same time was released a 12" titled "Space Loungin'" of another song featuring rapper Shing02. Details below.

You can hear some short versions of all songs at Tobeta's Soundcloud.

An album titled "Tokyo Galaxy" is expected to be released on September 16.

Bajune Tobeta "Teddy Bear and Password" (CD+DVD)
トベタ バジュン 「テディベアとパスワード」
(Japanese title: "Teddy Bear to Password")

1. Teddy Bear and Password (feat. Nomiya Maki)
2. Teddy Bear and Password (Instrumental)
3. Teddy Bear and Password (Nicola Conte Instrumental Mix)
4. Contours of Moon and Afternoon Rain (feat. Bonjour Suzuki)
5. Contours of Moon and Afternoon Rain (Instrumental)
6. Secret Lounge (feat. Vivian Sessoms)

Electric Sheep ELSP-0018
Out 8/26, ¥1500 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , トベタ・バジュン "テディベアとパスワード - EP"
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Bajune Tobeta "Space Loungin'" (12")
トベタ バジュン 「Space Loungin'」

A1. Space Loungin' (feat. Shing02)
A2. Space Loungin' (feat. Shing02) yakkle remix
B1. Space Loungin' instrumental
B2. Space Loungin' drumlessmix

Electric Sheep ELSP-0017
Order: Amazon, CDJapan, トベタ・バジュン "Space Loungin' - EP"

Trailer clip

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