Asia Engineer "Jun-natsu" (CD+DVD)

Asia Engineer's upcoming summer-themed album will include songs featuring Halfby, Sugiurumn, and a remix of Konishi Yasuharu-produced "Tokyo 7" (the original previously released as a maxi single). A bonus DVD will include 8 video-remixed songs from live shows at Zepp Tokyo and Shibuya Quattro.

Asia Engineer "Jun-natsu" (CD+DVD)
エイジアエンジニア 「純夏 ~Jun-natsu~」

Asia Engineer "Jun-natsu"CD
1. Jun-natsu
3. haremoyō
4. Like Water with DJ SPINNA
5. yokkora
6. PROJECT AE with sugiurumn
7. Sunday
8. 連係 Play
9. TOKYO 7 (LOS KALIBRES Reggaeton Remix)
10. Jun-natsu (Original Full Length Version)
DVD (AE Live Graphics)
TOKYO 7 (Directed by Hiroki Wakai (P.I.C.S.))
Grooving Loop (Directed by POWER GRAPHIXX)
Super Hero (Directed by POWER GRAPHIXX)
ue no hō e (Directed by easeback)
ookina koe (Directed by easeback)
Going AE gō (Directed by POWER GRAPHIXX)
Classic Shinbashi (Directed by POWER GRAPHIXX)
Eternal Pose (Directed by easeback)

Rhythm Zone TZCD-45408/B
Out 7/19, ¥2500
Order: Amazon, HMV, Tower

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