Asia Engineer "House of AE" (12")

The rap group on the watch lately, Asia Engineer, has another interesting release involving Konishi Yasuharu. The six-track 12" will include collaborations with Sugiurumn and DJ Spinna, the song "Tokyo 7" which heavily samples Pizzicato Five's "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji" ("the night is still young"), and also a party tropical samba remix by Konishi-san involving steel drum and whistle (previously available on "Oh! Deluxe Maxi").

Asia Engineer "House of AE" (12")
エイジアエンジニア 「House of AE」

A1. Project AE with sugiurumn
A2. Project FU (Promo Only Version)
A3. Project AE (Instrumental)
B1. Tokyo 7 (Asia Engineer Samples Pizzicato Five)
B2. Like Water with DJ Spinna
B3. Grooving Loop (Readymade Weedend Mix 05)

Rhythm Republic RR12-88484
Out 7/31, ¥1239 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set (once out)

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