Aira Mitsuki "Aira no kagaku CD"

Aira Mitsuki has a new CD being sold only at the "exciting bookstore" chain Village Vanguard throughout Japan. The title refers to "otona no kagaku" ("science for adults"), a magazine that always comes with a kit to build something, last year one of which contained a small theremin Buy at Amazon Japan.

Featured are two tracks performed together with thereminist Takeuchi Masami, the new original "Science Music" and also a cover of "senjō no Merry Christmas" of which a version appeared on the "Teardrop" Buy at Amazon Japan compilation released last December. Also included are I Am Robot and Proud's remix of "Happiness Land" (as featured on latest single "BARBiE BARBiE") and a cover of Kahimi Karie's "Mike Alway's Diary" (also from the "Teardrop" compilation).

Audio samples at Aira Mitsuki's discography page

Aira Mitsuki "Aira no kagaku CD"
Aira Mitsuki 「Airaの科学CD」

1. Science Music
2. senjō no Merry Christmas (Thereminvox mixes)
3. Happiness land (I Am Robot and Proud ver.)
4. Mike Alway's Diary
5. Science Music (-1track ver.)
6. senjo no Merry Christmas (-1track ver.)

Dtopia DTJR-09061
Out now (6/17), ¥1050
Sold at Village Vanguard stores only

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