@17 "Sugar Sugar / Bubble Bath Girl"

@17 is an unit formed of staff from Akihabara maid cafe @home cafe. This is their 3rd single, and it's produced by Kaji Hideki! The A-side is a brand new song that he wrote, with lyrics by Kaseki Cider, while B-side "Bubble Bath Girl" is a cover of a song he wrote in 1997 for TV show Ponkickies. That one is arranged by Arai Toshiya (COUNTJOKE). Look around for the two different jackets each with half of the members.

By the way @17's previous single "Seventeen Parfait" (iTunes, Spotify) was also written and produced by Kaji Hideki.

@17 "Sugar Sugar / Bubble Bath Girl"
@17 「シュガー*シュガー/バブルバスガール」

1. Sugar Sugar
2. Bubble Bath Girl
3. Sugar Sugar (Instrumental)
4. Bubble Bath Girl (Instrumental)

made in M@id records DDCB-95601
Out now (11/22)
Sample/buy: @17 , OTOTOY, Spotify

Find out more about: ARAI Toshiya, KAJI Hideki, Kaseki Cider

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