Charity event: KAJI Hideki, Chabe, Harvard, Love and Hates

Text and photos by Patrick Benny for Tokyo's Coolest Sound

Last Wednesday was held a charity event organized by Kaji Hideki, with the help of Harajuku Astro Hall where he has been doing regular events for a long time. The event also featured Chabe (aka Cubismo Grafico) with Kushibiki Sayaka, Harvard, and Love and Hates. I was really pleased with the line-up! The place ended up quite packed too!

KAJI HidekiThe event was held to raise funds for the disaster victims, and all ticket sales (2525yen each) go directly to charity minus the electricity used during the event. For that reason, all artists tried hard to save energy by giving an acoustic show using mainly just microphones and one amp (and a tad of lighting). This was a good opportunity to see a different side of these bands. Kaji Hideki spoke at the beginning explaining these things, and also that since we're lucky to be healthy he wanted us to cheer up and enjoy the evening.

The show started with Chabe and Kushibiki Sayaka, a singer he has been collaborating with for some time now. They played Scafull King's "We Are The World" (not MJ's), Pizzicato Five's "Message Song", Cubismo Grafico Five's "Lovers Concert", Kushibiki Sayaka's "I'll be there"... Last they were joined by Kaji Hideki who accompanied on guitar while Chabe went to the steel drum for "Jamaica Song"!

Chabe & KUSHIBIKI SayakaChabe & KUSHIBIKI Sayaka

Next was Love and Hates, the party unit of Yuppa (HNC) and Moe (Miila and the Geeks). They wore their new outfits, black and white striped leotards, and said they had to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who would enter the stage first, haha! They usually perform with a backtrack but this time was just them with their voices, a toy piano, pianica, drumset, an their hands and feet. For one song they had the audience stomp and clap along. Their acoustic sound and shouts reminded me of Kiiiiiii.

Love and HatesLove and HatesLove and Hates

Next up was Harvard, who I was surprised to see on the bill in the first place. I didn't know they were still together (they once disbanded in 2007 and a member went to form Avalon), but turns out they're even planning an album for this summer! My favorite song was played first, "Looks Like Chloe".The two guys sat under feeble red spotlights, playing their acoustic guitars while singing their characteristic wide-ranged vocals. One said it had been a long time since he had played an acoustic guitar. Their set contained about 6 songs, closing with "She Is All".


Last up was Kaji Hideki, who was backed by two guys of Riddim Saunter (TA-1 (Taichi) and Tanaka Keishi) on drums and guitar, with Nari on flute and sax. He played a good set of some of his most popular songs and some from recent album "Teens Film". For the encore, Chabe (who had left meanwhile for a live TV spot and then came back) also joined on tambourine.

KAJI HidekiKAJI Hideki

Set list (partial, missing a few): Passion Fruits / Green Road / amai koibito / sasayaka dakedo yaku ni tatsu koto / anettai Girl / boku no Baby Lemonade
Encore: My Boom Is Me

Thanks for this great concert and to the generosity of everyone involved!

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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