Aira Mitsuki one-man live at Liquidroom

Text by Patrick Benny for Tokyo's Coolest Sound

Aira Mitsuki keeps taking techno-pop to a higher level, always in a way that I like. Yesterday she performed a one-man show at Liquidroom in Ebisu, backed from start to finish by a live band! That's right, all songs of the hour-and-a-half show had live drums, bass and keyboards!

The stage had two levels, a top one where were the main 3-piece back band, and a lower level where Aira and her two cute dancers stood. The lower level had a 2nd drum set in the center for Aira, which she used for 5 songs. That's not all though, there was also a 3rd drum set stage right and keyboards stage left! These were for band Sawagi that joined in the middle of the show. Aira's upcoming mini-album "6 FORCE" will be featuring Sawagi on several songs, unit name "Aira Mitsuki sync. Sawagi", including one that became available digitally on the day of the show, titled "Level 5".

That made for an amazing show! Keyboards played most leads and solo throughout, and the bass was louder and more alive than ever. Just listen to the groovy bass lines of songs like "sayonara Technopolis" and "Cosmic Chopper" and imagine how those would sound played live.

Here's the full set list:

Heat My Love / sayonara Technopolis / Spring Sky
Aira on drums: Rock'n Roll Is Dead / China Discotica / Barbie Barbie

Then back band leaves and Sawagi comes on stage. The 4 musicians wear white sunglasses à la Kanye with LEDs on the sides. They open and close with their own songs without Aira, in between were 3 brand new songs with her.

Ibiza / Fake (new song) / Level 5 (new song) / Turkey (new song) / Super City

Sawagi leaves, and Aira comes back, first two songs with her on drums again.

Plastic Doll / High SD Sneaker / Change My Will / Cosmic Chopper / Fantasy Candy / Colorful Tokyo Sounds No.9 / Robot Honey / lie days (?) (new slowish song, Aira gets to sit down)

Encore: Yellow Supercar / Summeeeeeeeer set

That was a really intense show, almost all non-stop! Since all the instruments were on stage the whole time there was no set change at all, there was also almost no MC except a little bit towards the end. All music!

They really put all bets on the live band this time, there were no costume changes and only two dancers. It was the right choice. I do think that we do need both kinds of Aira though, maybe a band every time would get a bit tiring, but definitely I want to see this band-backed show every now and then. And I really hope they will release this fantastic show in one form or another. Please!!

No photos, but do check out this high-impact first videoclip of Sawagi, song "Ibiza" from their first album "hi hop" Buy at Amazon Japan out last year. On my way back I dropped by HMV to pick it up! Great stuff!

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Ibiza? Is that a new track? or a cover version?

By the way, do you know what Ibiza is? ;)

Posted by Damian on

Oh, Ibiza is in Spain is it? Yes I've heard of it. :)
This Ibiza is an original track by Sawagi (it doesn't feature Aira).

Posted by Patrick on

Yeah right! Ibiza is an island part from the Balearic Islands in Spain ;)

Posted by Damian on

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