The Aprils "Back To The Future Music" release party

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The AprilsThis week was the release party for The Aprils' 4th album, "Back To The Future Music", out last month. Buying the album gave you right to go to a free show, and even 3 of your friends! What a deal! They did one in Tokyo last Wednesday, and I think today is another in Osaka. Anyone who bought the album could even go to both (if they could make it). :)

Being a "one man show" (only one band playing), they played a full 2 hour show, probably their longest ever!! That's over 20 songs! The band was accompanied most of the time by guitarist Wakky (of Plus-Tech Squeeze Box) and Hase Yasuhiro (of unit Yume to Cosme, previously called Solange et Delphine).

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