P.O.P "fuyuzora to utagoe wa kirei na hou ga ii" (Download)

Spend groovy holidays with rappers P.O.P's new winter-themed EP. This contains brand new collaborations with Nakatsuka Takeshi and others. And leave it to YMCK to take a good rap tune into retro game world with their remix of hit song "Watch Me".

This digital release is available now on iTunes Japan, and in high quality formats at OTOTOY.

Sample all tracks below, from P.O.P's own label's SoundCloud.

P.O.P "fuyuzora to utagoe wa kirei na hou ga ii" (Download)
P.O.P 「冬空と歌声はきれいなほうがいい」

1. Endless Christmas feat. Iwasaki Taisei
2. hajimari no hi feat. Nakatsuka Takeshi
3. roji no Piano feat. Saitō Ryōji
4. The Last Train feat. Baba Tomoya
5. Watch Me (YMCK 8bit REMIX)

Out now (12/3)
Order: OTOTOY, P.O.P "冬空と歌声はきれいなほうがいい - EP" (Japan)

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