Oh! Mikey Night

Oh! Mikey NightPopular TV shorts series Oh! Mikey will be shown at the theatre this summer, in a "late night" (in Japan's terms) selection especially for adults. Included will be episodes from "Oh! Mikey Hardcore" and also brand new ones!
Special "goods for adults" will also be sold at the venue.

Oh! Mikey Night
(60 minutes)

From 7/1 (Saturday) until 7/28 (Friday)
Place: Theatre N Shibuya
Time: Everyday at 21:20
Price: ¥1500 for adults (¥1000 on 7/1 and on Wednesdays)

From 8/12 (Saturday) until 8/25 (Friday)
Place: Cinemart Shinsaibashi
Time: TBA (check Web site
Price: ¥1500 for adults (¥1000 for ladies on Wednesdays)

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