Nomiya Maki "oshare ni ikiru Hint" (Book)

Nomiya Maki has a new book coming up, in which she shares with us her tips to live fashionably (the English title is "25 Tips to Live in a Fashionably Way"). The book is also said to be packed with new photos (after checking, it contains a short photo diary section with several photos per page).

On Thursday 3/15 from 10:00 (opening time) at the Aoyama Book Center located inside HMV Shibuya, will be sold tickets allowing to get a signed book from the hands of Maki. The sign event will be held on 3/25 (Sunday) from 14:00 at HMV's gallery space.
(Tickets are of the book's price, and are to be exchanged for the book at the sign event.)

野宮真貴 「おしゃれに生きるヒント」Nomiya Maki "oshare ni ikiru Hint" (Book)
野宮真貴 「おしゃれに生きるヒント」

(Unofficial approximate translations)
Chapter 1: おしゃれ哲学 (Fashion-conscious philosophy)
Chapter 2: 装いのすすめ (Dress advice)
Chapter 3: 恋と私 (Love and me)
Chapter 4: ハッピーライフ (Happy life)

Total 144 pages.

East Press
ISBN: 978-4872577723
Out 3/22, ¥1200 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Amazon, HMV

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I'm sure I would eventually pick up a copy of Miss Maki's new book, unfortunately not signed as I live in Ireland! Ah well!

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