Futon "Give Me More!"

Thailand-based multi-cultural (Thai+Japan+UK) electro punk band Futon, who have contributed to Nomiya Maki's album "Party People" and who I've seen before at the Soi Music Festival in Bangkok, has a first Japan-released album coming out very soon!
The album will contain 15 tracks and also a video for "Rich, Baby".

Futon will be performing at Nomiya Maki's release party "Party People Party", which they may as well call their own release party too especially since both albums are coming out on the same day.

Futon "Give Me More!"

Futon "Give Me More!"1. Rich, Baby
2. Love So Strong
3. That Look In Your Eyes
4. Tokyo Sunset
5. Dead Husband Collection
6. My Machine Gun
7. Hubble
8. High
9. Talk Of The Town
10. Yulay Butterfly
11. Guessing Game
12. F*uck Machine
13. Suitcase
14. Gayboy (Pramface Club Mix)
15. Rich, Baby (Pramface Remix)

Avex Trax AVCD-17730
Out 10/12, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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